Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pregnancy Update 38 weeks!

Even though I wish I'd already had baby O, its still early, right?! 38 weeks today! I had a check up with the midwife group yesterday and everything is still looking good. I didn't do the internal check just because I didn't want the "false hope" that labor would start soon like last week:)

Baby is still very low and I feel every bit of her head as I walk! Hopefully it is productive discomfort...getting everything ready and in line down there:) My only complaints are my constant heartburn-acid-fire raging in the afternoon evenings that keeps me from sleeping and a cold that is compounding the no-sleep issue. My memory is pretty much non-existent now...I find myself forgetting mid-sentence what I was talking about. Now at least I have an excuse!

This week I am trying to get some more things sold on craigslist and just make it to all my appointments without losing my mind or locking my keys in the car. Its a big job:) I have lots more on my to-do list, but I some days are just about keeping M alive, food on the table and the laundry caught up at this point. Every twinge is a reason for me to think I am in labor at this point so time is passing much more slowly.

And because I have no other relevant pictures, here is a picture of M, eating yogurt and grape nuts. She is getting quite proficient at feeding herself...what a big girl!

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Auntie Gin said...

So when did M decide to give up on the spoon? I'm not sure I would want to wade into a bowl of yogurt and grapenuts with my bare fingers! She is a BRAVE girl!