Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Loves me some bargains 5/1/09

Cleaning out my picture file so that I can hopefully get back up to date with my shopping trips! These are over a week old now--I am sure you would appreciate more current pics next time!!

Here are a few Albertson's deals from the Betty Crocker Promo and the double coupon event (now I can't complain that we never have doubles!)

The dressing was free, the veggies were $0.70/each, and the cookies, Hamb Helper and canned goods were each under a dollar after the promo/coupons!

After the doubles at Albies, the juice, pasta, chips were all free and the canned soup was less than $0.39/each. The s.cream was a markdown filler since I feel weird about the $0 total:)

I did more shopping than just this, but didn't take pictures of it all. Next up I will post about the fun I had with the Living Well, Feeling Great Promo at Safeway!

Visit Grocery Cart Challenge for more deals and shopping results!

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