Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scenes from the beach

We are moved out of our apartment, minus a few long hours of cleaning Daniel is going to finish up right now. We are housesitting in the meantime, which will last a few weeks and our earthly possessions are scattered between 4 locations until we can move into our new house. We plan on the house renovation taking at least another month, so the girls and I will go to stay with my parents for awhile later this month. So we're little nomads right now, but its good to have the BIG move behind us for now.

Oh and what I meant to say with these pictures (nice pics dad!) was that these were taken at the beach after a long day of moving/packing/cleaning/toddler & infant caring. We ate ice cream bars and watched the sunset. A nice change of pace after frantic frantic frantic:)

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Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

You are so adventurous! Beautiful photos!