Friday, May 15, 2009

Rite Aid paid me to get baby stuff

By the way, this is post #600! Obviously I need to find something better to do with my time:)

The first week of May Rite Aid had a Johnson and Johnson deal where you spend $25 on selected baby products and get a rebate for $10 back. I realized I not only had coupons for all the products, but the $5/$25 coupon was still in effect. So although I did not get the cheap chocolate I was SO hoping for, it was even better.

When I got to Rite Aid a very nice clerk was clearancing out a bunch of the J & J baby products, so instead of the $1.99 sale items, many where marked down to $1.07! I was in a hurry so I ended up buy more than I needed to hit the $25 before coupons, but my oop was a little over $7 in the end and I just submitted my $10 rebate! Rite Aid is paying me almost $3 to bring home almost 20 baby care items! What a deal! I won't need all of them so many will be used in baby shower gifts in the future. The only thing better than free stuff for me is free stuff for other people:)

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cassandrasmom said...

great job!!!

Melinda said...

I am heading to Rite Aid! What a deal. We're expecting so free baby stuff if always a good thing!

sewingchick said...

Congrats on the haul! You did a TERRIFIC job :) The Rite Aid by my parents' house had Similac Advance (already in the liquid form) on clearance for half off. I didn't get any because I breastfeed and only supplement a little bit with formula, and even when I do, it's with the powdered stuff. I wish we had Rite Aids around here, but we don't :(