Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bargain Meal of the Week for 3/18/09


Each week at $5 Dinners there is a huge gathering of bargain meals using ingredients at one particular store. Lots of stores are represented! I cover Safeway (the NW region)! Click on the menu items for a few recipe ideas when needed.

This week's bargain meal:

~Vegetarian Pasta Feed~
Spagetti with Marinara Sauce & Cheese
Green Salad
Golden Corn
Canteloupe for dessert
(serves 6)

Shopping List/Prices

**most of the ingredients come from the Mix N Match Promo (read more here) **

Hunts Traditional Sauce ($0.75)
Golden Grain or Ronzoni Spagetti ($0.75)-be on the lookout for Ronzoni coupon blinkies which would make this cost only $0.25!
Del Monte Corn $0.75
Lucerne Cheese 1 cup $1.00
Fresh Express Salad $0.75
Dressing/other toppings for salad approx. $0.50
Canteloupe 1 lb approx. $0.50

Total: $5.00 (or $4.50 if you buy the Ronzoni pasta with coupon!)

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