Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandpa Blake and Bunny Suit

My parents were over from Eastern WA this weekend for my uncle's 50th. We traveled all day to the Marysville/Smokey Point area and stopped by my grandma's assisted living residence too. It was good to see so many family members in one day, but we were exhausted when we got home!

Here is my dad feeding M some cereal late Sat. night. Notice the concentration on both their faces.

Last time I was in the Wenatchee area visiting my folks we stopped by our favorite thrift store, Philadelphia house. These bunny pj's were a little scary looking at first, but are so cute on M! They were in the bargain area out back for $0.47 I think. I got some cute pics of M and grampie Blake reading, but grampie was still in his pj's so I can't post them here:)

I finally took that preggo pic this weekend, so I'll post that Wed. with a 30 week (already!?!?) update!:)