Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Shopping for 3/8/09

I did extra shopping last week, so I didn't need much this week. Safeway had some amazing deals on produce (potatoes, onions and carrots were all 5lbs/$0.99) and the oranges were $3.60 for 10lbs. The yogurt was free after markdown and a blinkie coupon, the chicken was $1.69/lb (skinless boneless breasts). The Raisin bran and Quaker life were all free after rolling the $4 catalina (on your next order). I split it up into several transactions to take better advantage of the sale. The whole wheat flour was on sale for $3.59, which is a decent price for that size and the stores I frequent. Ham lunch meat: $0.99 after store and manu coupon. Total: under $18. I used $10 I got back from last week (was supposed to be a frozen food catalina, but the machine was broken). OOP $8.

The famous Huggies Deal. Let me know if you want to know about this deal...its amazing! I am a cloth diaper momma, but this was even too good for me to pass up. After RR from previous week and coupons, these cost $12-13 (for 6 packs). Not sure the exact total because my dad was with me and he bought mochas for fillers:) That doesn't count the $20 in register rewards I have for next time I shop!

Another quick stop at WAGS to take advantage of overage. I figured out that although most registers "beep" for the Ritz deal if you buy two, I could buy 6 (BOGO) and use 2 $2/2 coupons and pay $1.97 for 6 packages, which is still a decent deal. And the coupons go right through. I also got 2 packs of Revlon emory boards ($0.93 overage), 2 packs of Sambucol ($2 in overage), more blink tears with a $2 coupon (to get the $8 RR) and paid with a $3.50 RR from last week's Colgate deal. My total was $4.5x, but $3.32 was tax:)

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