Thursday, March 5, 2009

More of the Reading Buddies and Preg. update

My sweet MIL suggested we take some pictures with me in them so baby O and the rest of us can remember this stage. So soon to come will be an updated preggo photo, although I am not looking particularly forward to posting it!

With M's pregnancy and this one (baby girl "O":) I have gained the recommended amount of weight....before 30 weeks! Not awesome. But I am clinging to the hope that as with last time I will lose all but 10 pounds within the first few weeks. Yay for the eat all you want breastfeeding diet:)! Please tell me it works as well the second time around;)

I am getting to the not-sleeping-well, heartburn most of the afternoon and night point in the pregnancy. My only other complaint is that whenever I find the motivation to take a nice long walk, I pay for it that night and the next day or two afterward. Some sort of misalignment issue with my tailbone and surrounding areas causes everything to get all irritable and it hurts to move. Same with last time, but I realize if this is the worst of my problems--I really am blessed!

Aren't they cute together? My lap is almost non-existent so its nice that M can read with daddy in the evenings and on the weekend. And they can play "chase"...M's favorite giggle-filled game.


The Keevy Family said...

Rachael, I am glad you posted about the pregnancy update, I know how the last few weeks seem to drag on and the last thing you want to talk about is a growing body!
My adjustment from 1 child to 2 was a little more involved than I had expected, and my kids were 3 years and 8 months apart. The main thing I had to learn to balance was when one was disobeying and one was crying. I am sure you can figure out which one was doing which thing! Anyway, they adore each other now and the transition soon happened for me to figure things out.
I breastfed my oldest for 4 months and then quit after lots of issues. I lost the weight a bit faster with my second whom I nursed for 10 months. It seemed like the first 25 came off with birth and over the course of the next 6 weeks, and then the extra 10 that I put on after that was a bit slower. I found that I was so hungry in the last trimester (and was more uncomfortable during exercise too). And then when it came to nursing I was so hungry that I would often wake up at night to eat cereal!
Now that I am on my third, I would like to try to eat as healthy as possible and I hope that nursing helps again.
The back pain may be the nerve that is close to your tailbone. I remember that with my second as well and it came along with more contractions earlier on. (In the last few months)
No matter what you do in pregnancy there is a time to go up (in weight) and a time to come go ahead a take pictures! :)

Erin said...

Only having one child so far I cannot say how things are the second time around. But, I can say that I gained a LOT of weight during my pregnancy. I don't remember details, but I do know that I gained my 'suggested' weight way before I was due.

Although I was not thrilled that I had gotten so plump, I also wasn't about to let vanity take over at such a critical time. I was going to listen to my body and eat whatever I wanted. I would not cut back on any food as I knew my baby needed lots and lots of nutrients.

That was 60 lbs ago.

I did choose to breast feed and currently still am, 16 months later. I have not only lost all of my baby weight, but have gotten even slimmer than when I even got pregnant. I eat healthy and often, even having treats and currently don't 'work out' besides occasional walks or yoga.

Be proud that you are choosing to listen to your body and not societies idea of how we should look pregnant.

I know you won't have any problem getting back to your skinny self, remember you'll be chasing two little girls instead of just one!