Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loves me some grocery bargains: week of 3/30/09

Like I mentioned last week, I was gone this weekend and did not need much in the way of groceries after my mega trip last week. So I stopped by Fred Meyer yesterday for a few fresh food deals to finish up our meal plan.

Here's what I got:
Whole chicken
10lbs potatoes
6 grapefruit
3 bananas
TP (not pictured)
organic spring mix salad (marked down)
Total $11.57

As you can see down below, its been a harried past few days with sick toddler, traveling and company (although the travel and company were still fun!)

So my Walgreens picture is missing...well everything but the soda deal:) I used a $10 RR, got $5 back and got 6 12 packs of pepsi plus a whole bunch more stuff. I will get over $8 in rebates. I spent $18 oop (almost $4 was tax!). Included in my transaction was some flour that I needed but was regular price. With a sick toddler I just wanted to get done quickly...so I spent a little more than I liked. The glade soy candle we got for free after coupons is awesome by the way!

This is the facial expression I get a lot these days. With M being sick with some nasty virus this past few days have been hectic! And to think in a few months I will have sick two sick girlies some days...yikes!

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Misty said...

hi there! i saw on your comment over at natural mommy's blog that you were hoping for a vbac, and i just wanted to encourage you. i had a vbac dec 07 and for a lot of it, my body did act like a first time labor, but it was also much faster than i thought it'd be! (i went in to hosp b/cs water broke at 430 and had him at 230) just wanted to say you can do it!! :)
and man, those are some bargains! i try to get into couponing adn the like but i guess i'm just not willing to spend the time to really score!! awesome!