Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not the way we planned on spending our evening...

Guess where we were last night? Urgent Care and then the labor and delivery wing of our local hospital. But all's well that ends well and baby is still safe and sound (and inside not outside:)

After picking up Daniel from work yesterday I went upstairs to use the restroom and put on some slippers. I started downstairs as usual, but ended up slipping on the top stair of the second set of stairs and landing flat on my back on the second to last step. All I remember thinking on the way down was that I was going to be in bad shape when I landed! And I hit hard, flat on my back. But aside from bursting into tears from the shock and immediately thinking that I hoped baby O was okay, it didn't feel like anything was seriously injured. After Daniel found me (somewhat hyesterical:) on the stairs and helped me up, I felt like a little Tylenol and taking it easy was all I needed.

I went into the kitchen to serve M and Daniel dinner and realized that I was a little...wet. I had just come from the restroom, and this was more than just dampness. I called consulting nurse with our health plan and she told me to come to urgent care immediately to get checked out.

30 minutes later at urgent care, I found out that pregnant women who may have just broken their water get first priority and we got in almost immediately (even though a room full of people were already waiting!). It was a little scary to be top priority. After checking baby's heartbeat in urgent care, we found out it was a little high, so they sent us to the local hospital's L & D to get checked out further.

We were admitted to one of the rooms we stayed in when in labor with M (#17!) and one of the nice nurses from our stay with M was attending us! That was comforting--and after an hour of checking and monitoring we found out that my water had indeed not broken and that baby and everything looked good. It was a nerve-wracking evening, but again we were reminded to be thankful for the healthy and safe pregnancy I've enjoyed thus far and prayed continuously (2nd Thes. 5:17-15).

I have my regularly scheduled midwife apt. today (good timing!) and am just very sore today. Maybe this experience will help me to be less anxious about the long wait ahead of us until baby comes:)


D said...

I'm glad to hear everything is still ok! That can be so nerve-wracking... But He's got your little darling safe in His hands!
*hugs* naye

About us said...

Be safe friend, no more trying to fly while pregnant!

Family Hope Ministries said...

I am so glad you are both alright! Praise the Lord!

The Keevy Family said...

Nothing like being first priority in the Urgent Care! I am so glad you are ok!

Leah S. said...

Im so glad you and the baby are okay! Hope you feel better soon.

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

Glad to hear you're Ok! Thanks for sharing!!!