Monday, March 1, 2010

Big weekly shopping trip (Harris Teeter, Food Lion & free bread!)

And here is what we bought for this week's meals. Keep in mind that this is an almost starting from scratch pantry (although my MIL brought/made/bought a lot of food when she was here!). I almost had a heart attack when I realized I spent over $90! But this will be the only trip like this where I have to get basics like flour, sugar, TP, oil and pretty much everything else all at the same time regardless of coupons/sales.
My trip to Harris Teeter, spent $28 (and need to go back for a $2 coupon overcharge) and Food Lion spent $62:

Almost free bread from JAARS (a missionary perk;) less than $2.00 for donation for all (yes those are Panera scones there!:

All total over $90. Hoping to keep it around $30/week after this week.

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