Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What we've been doing for "fun" this weekend

On Friday, I borrowed a cute little potty chair from housekeeping here at JAARS. I was suprised that they had one! I just finished reading "Potty Training in one day". I was not planning on actually trying potty training again for awhile, well at least until Daniel could help with Liv while I focused on training M.

My plans changed when M was elated about her new potty and started wanting to use it and training her stuffed animals to use the potty. So, this weekend we went to big girl undies and are training again! I pretty much am using the principles in the book,, but couldn't do it perfectly since she sort of started doing some of it on her own.

She takes herself to the potty but has about 2 accidents a day.

Any ideas how to wean from the idea of expecting treats for going potty all day long? I don't want to discourage her by telling her no at this "fragile" state in the game, but don't want her to always expect treats for going into the potty either!

* As you can see from the picture lil sis likes the potty too! Unfortunately she likes to put her hands inside...ewwwww~!


Anonymous said...

How cool :) Yeah M!!!!

Treats didn't work real well for us. The kiddo's would go in every 5 minutes and try so they could get a treat. :0 Maybe try doing a larger treat if she can go all morning or afternoon with no accidents. That way it is not treats all day long. Just a thought. Good luck!

Heidi C said...

Have a star chart so she can see her progress with a treat for a day, week, two, etc. till graduation :>
Heidi in WA

Rachael said...

Thanks for the ideas Todd & Margie and Heidi C! I tried the longer chunks of time (until naptime) but she still got all excited about a treat every single time and was all let down when I reminded her that it wasn't time yet. I think that combined with Heidi's idea (something visual to remind her) might work! Thanks again! By the way she took herself to the potty for 100% of #1's today (no so much #2's.... but that's another story:)