Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harris Teeter triples trip #2 & #3

And I'm done!

Total for this trip $11

Free Lysol, whole wheat barilla, yogurt, mustard, red hot sauce, gum, tortillas and cheap Dole pineapple ($0.35/2 cans), and cheap ball park bun length (an e-vic special).
A few cheap but not free snacks made their way into the cart (pretzels, granola true delights and the diet soda) for potty training treats! I was excited about marked-down bananas because we can go through 5lbs in a week easily with both my girls being banana lovers.
And this one was $13.50 (including a newspaper, not pictured)

$0.75 organic baby greens, more cheap dole pineapple, more free tortillas, cheap yeast, mayo, Kraft singles, GF iced coffee mix, marked down mushrooms (to make stroganoff with the free no yolks and sour cream!), almost free tuna and free milk (from the Kellogg's catalina I got with the previous transaction), cheap birdseye green beans, $0.25 danactive and $0.99 Wheatables with an instore coupon (a new nut variety).
My first trip was $3.91
So my total grocery expenditures for this week about $28.50. Which makes up a little bit for last week's $70!

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