Saturday, March 27, 2010

Harris Teeter Triples trip 1

My first ever triple coupon shopping trip!! Total spent: $3.91!

That includes 2 packages of Kraft cheese that weren't triple coupon deals for $1.99 total, so the rest of it was less than $1.91!

I got:
3 no yolk noodles
6 mahatma rice mixes
1 oscar meyer turkey bacon!!
1 bumble bee tuna
2 nescafe coffee stick packs
1 JFG coffee
2 int. delight creamers
1 KC masterpiece bbq sauce
1 Mccormick chili powder (for taco seasoning-yum!)
2 Dannon yogurt 4 packs
3 Smart balance sour creams

Lots of meal possibilitis and things we use on a regular basis-yay!


Jamie White said...

thanks for the fun outing this morning and the coupons!

maygan said...

You did awesome with your first triples trip!