Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 reasons I love that cute guy of mine

Inspired by Mrs. Wilt, I thought I would tell our readers why I love my wonderful husband.

1. He commutes over 4 hours a day to bring home the bacon for us

2. Not only does he commute those 4 hours each day, but part of his commute is by bike, so its often in the rain

3. He laughs at my dorky jokes

4. He thinks I am beautiful (and tells me so!) even though I have some lovely pregnancy weight hanging on

5. He loves my cooking and is willing to eat all of my "experiments"

6. He does a great job leading our fellowship group (church) in Bible study

7. After work, he rarely relaxes, instead he helps me with dishes, plays with our daughter (and changes her diaper!) and helps around the house

8. He is SO good at fixing/figuring stuff out

9. He's got muscles and brains...what else could a girl want

10. Oh yeah, he's good looking too;)

And the best part...he loves me! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

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gagehaag said...

Hey, we FOUND you!!! We were so excited to find out about your blog tonight on the ferry when Daniel told us. What a perfect post to happen upon. Hehe! Happy valentine's, you two! Hey, check out this link--a couple people in PNG for y'all. Ok, gotta go to bed and sleep off this cold. 'Nite! ~ Hannah and Kevin