Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Friday--birthday's out--for adults or kids

We celebrated my birthday this year very inexpensively with a little help from some birthday clubs! Since I had signed up for birthday freebies throughout the year last year, a week before my birthday I received free certificates for Coldstone icecream and a free burger from Red Robin! Hollywood Video also has a birthday club with one free rental on your bday. Since of course it would be no fun to celebrate by myself, hubby and I went together, so we needed some $$ for this. Here is the breakdown of what my birthday cost going out to eat, to icecream, and renting a dvd!

Lunch at Red Robin: We ordered two burger/fry meals(each about $10), I got a coke, and I got a free sundae which we shared, for $17 (including a good tip)

Icecream at Coldstone: Love it size icecream: Free...except for some change for a tip!

DVD from Hollywood: Free!

My husband also wanted to buy me flowers, and I like potted ones better, so I picked out some tulips at Safeway, where we also got this for free!:)

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Lora said...

What a fun birthday! I LOVE Red Robin--wish I had one near.

Amy said...

Except for the Hollywood Video part, this is exactly where we took my daughter for her birhtday yesterday. She felt like a million bucks when they came and sang to her. It was a blast on a budget! :)

Stacey said...

I also love Red Robin. I went there for my birthday also! I'm the odd person that LOVES when they sing to me! Bring it on!! :-)

Rachael said...

Red Robin is so much fun! Its fun to hear I am not the only one who loves it:) I don't know if anyone remembers when they used to do those huge slabs of icecream cake for free on your bday? Those were the days!