Monday, February 18, 2008

Redbox and free french bread

Today's free redbox code is 44TKSW. You can sign up for the code to be texted to you on your cell phone every monday (mine comes at random times each Monday...does anyone else have that happen?) or you can visit Amy for your code every Monday! As Amy pointed out, and I figured out accidentally;), you can use more than one card (one credit and one debit card, both in your name for example) for each code (you need to check out each movie individually if you want more than one).

Our redbox location is at our Albertson's. I don't know if this is just happening to some customers or what, but each time I shop there (for the past three visits) I have gotten a printout on the bottom of my receipt to do a survey. If I complete the survey, I get a code for a free loaf of french bread. Its not huge, but hey, free food is cool. So baby and I are off now for our walk to Albie's to pick up our free movie and french bread;)

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