Friday, February 1, 2008

Last Shopping trip (pantry/freezer month)

Today marks the first day in my adventure in living from the pantry/freezer for a month. Its just my husband, myself and my 3, almost 4 month old daughter, so this is an easier feat than it would be in some other households!

Yesterday I did my last shopping trip for a month. I got the deals I talked about in yesterday's post and they were great, although some of the Walgreen's deals I had been planning on getting weren't available, sadly. I am excited about the free hotdogs/buns not because our family loves them, but because I can donate some of them to our church's Superbowl Party, where the youth group is doing some fund raising for their Spring Retreat.

The best deal I got yesterday was actually at Fred Meyer, and was a deal I came across looking through the ads: $6 of any 9 Kraft products. I got 6 packages of shredded Kraft cheese, 3 packs of cream cheese, a package of reduced salad, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread all for $10 and some change. Even the checker said what a great deal all that was!

The only not-so-great part of my shopping trip was being out with my munchkin shopping for almost 4 hours (went to 4 stores). Her nap had to be on the road, along with a feeding and diapering in the chilly car (what fun!). Which is why I don't like to drive anywhere any more than every other day.

All that rambling to say that I will start posting menus from my eat from the pantry/freezer for a month at least every few days, so check back to see how it went!

**Thanks to Sarah, for explaining linking to this newbie!


CC said...

I should really head over to Freddy's! I didn't notice that ad in the paper this week.

Beth said...

We just finished our month and we could probably do another real soon. It is amazing how we don't realize much food is really in our house. I hope you have a successful month.

AussieinAmerica said...

It's kind of fun to do a pantry/freezer month! It forces you to get creative :)

Way to go on all your deals.

Glad I found your blog.

Sarah said...

Thanks for allowing me to piggy-back on your idea! Cheers to Frugal February!


Peggy said...

Hi - I linked your idea to my blog b/c I am wanting to do the same this month!

Anonymous said...

I'm also going to be joining in soon as I've been pondering the idea for a bit.

I still need to do a final shopping before I start. I thought I had more than I do.

Peggy came to encourage me so hopefully we can all encourage one another. God bless.