Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Twenty Seven random facts about me:

1. favorite holiday: Thanksgiving (I like to eat:)

2. I have lived in 4 different places in the same town since hubby and I married 3 years ago, an apt., a condo, a house, and now a 4-plex.

3. favorite color: purple since I was a wee one

4.undergrad major: Economics (it was the least amount of credits to graduate)

5. graduate degree: School Psychology (it was has the most credits of any M.S.)

6. I LOVE veggies of almost any type

7. tried to plant a garden last summer for first time, and I grew 1 cucumber out of 5 different packs of sees

8. I Read "Tightwad Gazette" when I was a teenager, and was hooked--I really weird thing for an upper middle class teen to be interested in!

9. I am mildly afraid of slugs

10. I wrecked my first car

11. I got my first grey hair when I was fifteen. I have dyed my hair ever since.

12. I love to bake, and like to cook, but I always deviate from my recipe

13. The feeling of air-dried towels is creepy to me, like nails on a chalkboard

14. We don't have a tv, on purpose, but when at my parents I love TLC and HGTV

15. I have green eyes, but everyone assumes they are brown

16. I have never broken a bone

17. I had never been admitted to a hospital until I had munchkin

18. We trained with the Bradley Method and hired a doula for our "planned natural" birth, but I ended up with PIH (or pre-eclampsia) and was induced and ended up with the c-section and every drug in the place! So much for plans!

19. Was in a school play and lots of church dramas growing up, but always feel like I am going to have a mild heart-attack before I go on stage

20. I love to read.

21. I love to excercise...even run

22. I haven't run in almost a year, due to pregnancy/childbirth

23. Love fake cheese, gross I know

24. I had my first boyfriend (my husband now) when I was 23

25. I have been to China and England on mission trips...and would go back to China in a heartbeat

26. I love changes...of most any type

27. I slept through taking part of the SAT

Yay for 27:)

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