Saturday, February 23, 2008

Twenty five cans of beans oh my!

Yesterday I went to Safeway's savings rally again and got 25 cans of S&W beans for $2.00! Not only that, but I got a $20 catalina for next time I shop. I also got a bag of free Flat Earth Chips for free. I would consider that kind of a deal an okay departure from Pantry/Freezer Month, although if I keep getting almost free canned food from Safeway, next month will need to be a clean out the pantry month too;)

Luckily we eat a lot of meals with beans (we love Mexican type food!) and I bought a bunch of Garbanzo/chickpeas to make hummus, which we love. Any other bean recipe ideas?

Walgreen's was a bit of a bust, the two razors that have register rewards and/or free after rebate status/coupons were both gone from my two nearby Walgreen's. Instead we got the Volume XL limp plumber (Maybelline) which I had a $2 coupon for and a raincheck, so after rebate it will be a $2 moneymaker. I also got one jane lipgloss (only one even though it was BOGO....they only had one clearance) and some Glucerna cereal, which after register rewards and coupon was .75 cents a box.

Check out MoneySavingMom for more great deals!

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