Friday, February 22, 2008

Check those receipts...

Just a reminder to ALWAYS check your receipts (before you leave the store if possible!) The past two trips to my beloved Albertson's, I have found errors on sale/coupon prices. They have been great about refunds in the past, so I am sure when I show it to them, there won't be a problem. This is not like $0.10, either friends, although that happens too. My two receipt mistakes equal almost $4.00, so its worth the hassle for someone who is pinching pennies to ask for a correction;)!

By the way, did anyone get any good Albie's deals at their 12 hour sale yesterday?

On a side note, remember that today and tomorrow only, you can "double dip" on Walgreen's EasySaver Februrary AND March coupons and deals!

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