Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eating from the Pantry month: Complete!

So I shopped with a vengeance. It didn't help my case that I really needed to get out of our flu-ridden house!

First up:
I did the spend $30, get $15 promo. I spent $16.60 after coupons (incl. 3 twice the value coupons) and received a $15 cat and a $2 survey receipt back. I will use this for next week's grocery necessities (and hopefully have a $0 grocery bill next week!

Also Albies, total $0.67 after twice the value and manu coupons. So happy about the gingerbread creamer! Soooooo good.

I shopped the open house sale this past Saturday. I spent $15.xx for a 20 lb turkey, free 7up, $0.99 milk, bananas, 2 pineapples and 3 lbs ground beef.

Our town has a new one with a grand opening coupon for $3/$10 purchase. But for some reason the clerk wanted to use the $5/$25 instead and my total was $2.90 after my $3 cat! I got a $5 cat back for the meter too;) $2.90 for three things I needed is sweet!

It was a good week and I don't expect to shop next week except to use up my albertson's catalinas.

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Auntie Gin said...

We had a new Walgreens open up at Frontier Village this week as well, they must be expanding their territory. I haven' visited yet though, I'd better look at thier ads! And you know I try to follow your blog, but my eyes glaze over when I see so many stores... Good luck, Aunt Ginny