Monday, November 2, 2009

Soup & Cereal Diet (patent pending)

I'm only half joking-mostly about the patent part:) I kept thinking that I needed motivation and a jump start like signing up for Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem, but the money wasn't really in our budget.

So I decided to try and tackle two problems at once and I created my own "diet" consisting of things I needed to use up. I looked up the Special K diet (several other cereals have the same thing) online and got an idea what that looked like. Realistically I knew I wouldn't be able to stick with replacing two meals a day with cereal, but I needed something low-cal and easy that we had lots of. Progresso soup fit the bill.

Another thing I've read says that some people eat less when they have a repetitious diet. To some degree, that's me. Variety makes me want more because the taste is novel. Having the same bowl of cereal each morning makes it less fun to go back for seconds;)

So here's what I came up with using inpsiration from the cereal diets online, Slim-fast and others like it.

Breakfast: big bowl of fiber rice cereals with skim milk
coffee and milk

Snack: something under 150 calories (high protein is best, but sometimes I have just crackers or a bar of some sort)

Lunch: can of progresso soup, any leftover veggies from dinner and sometimes a couple bites of leftovers- I always have a few bites of dark chocolate and/or homemade iced coffee for dessert. This has to be something I can stick with for more than a week!

Snack: fruit, carrots/fat free dip, yogurt. 100-150 cals

Dinner: Normal. I eat what I feel like until full. I have a small dessert (about 150 cals) as well.

I usually stay right under 2000 calories for the day. I know this is a lot, but since I am nursing and tall its a good amount for weight loss right now.

And I am happy to report that I am within 15 pounds of my goal range. That puts me in the high end of a healthy weight for my height. Last time I checked in I think I was at 27 or so to go (several months ago!) so I am happy with progress.

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