Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan for the week of Nov. 2, 2009

Its November already?!? And its Monday and I haven't even THOUGHT about a menu for this week. That is weird for me since I really enjoy doing it- but its an indicator of our busy weekend.

I'm extending my eating from the pantry because I cheated too much last month! ;) Our pantries are still too full, although much less so. I will be breaking my eating from the pantry month next weekend, when Albertson's doubles come back out. I'll be out of plenty of stuff by then too.

Breakfasts: pancakes (today), cold cereal, pumpkin muffins (still need to get a recipe)

Lunches: leftovers, fresh pineapple

Mon: Quesadillas, beans & onions in the crockpot

Tues: Scalloped Chicken Casserole, squash

Wed: Hot Dogs on whole wheat buns, rice chips, cauliflower

Thurs: Tuna casserole from scratch

Fri: Ziti Bake using ground turkey and Italian Cheese Bread

Sat: Pork ribs in the crockpot, scalloped potatoes, green beans

Sun: Fried Rice (using up leftover bits) or just clean out the fridge/freezer of leftovers

More menu plans at Orgjunkie!


maygan said...

I planned to skip shopping and eat from the pantry over the next two weeks but that Albertsons sale just looks too good, especially with doublers!

The Keevy Family said...

Hi Rachael!
Hope your presentation went well last night. I got your letter--thanks!

MSM has a link for chocolate pumpkin muffins. I've never tried them but they look good. I am hoping to get a pumpkin scone recipe from a friend. Its the Srarbucks one!!

Have you ever tried the fried rice recipe from 365 days of Crockpotting? I am going to try it tomorrow. I'll let you know how we like it.