Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A reason to shop Safeway again...

Check out the details at the Frugal Find for this week's ad.

Weeks like this one tempt me to start blogging about their weekly ads again!

I am excited about the Kohl's promo, spend $50, get $10 to spend at Kohl's and on up the more you spend the more you earn (you get the idea). I have heard your pre-coupon total counts, so combine this with the Home for the Holiday's promo and you could get some great deals!

We are still eating from our pantry through the end of this week, but come up with some good scenarios for these deals and next week I will be visiting Safeway again!

This would be a great time to stock up on chocolate chips, flour, etc. that have coupons and that you'd be using for holiday baking anyway!

I'd love to hear of any good scenarios any of you locals have cooked up.


Sarah said...

I'm super excited about this deal. At my safeway, Saturday and Sunday, they have a deal going where you spend $50 and you can also get free bacon, orange juice, eggs, and english muffins so I'm waiting to shop at Safeway until then because it should also work for the Kohls bucks. At the same time, you can go to the Safeway website and load up coupons on cellfire,, and P&G Saver. So you really have the potential to use 4 different coupons on one transaction...(cellfire, shortcuts, store, and manufacturers)and it applies towards a free breakfast and $10 for kohls! Yay!


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I love Kohls and their deals.

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

I agree! Safeway is heating up the deals and I LOVE IT!!!