Thursday, November 19, 2009

Uninspired-but I have cute kid pics!

I am feeling terribly uninspired with blogging lately. I am so sorry-- I really want to have something worth reading here once in awhile!

Until then, here are some pictures from our visit to my parents' in E. WA last week.

O has discovered her feet. M is a ham as usual

Me and the girlie- I got bangs again (thanks Carol!)-what do you think?

Seriously-this baby is a smile maniac. She has a temper yes, but smiles so easily! And she's a cuddler. Love it.

Grandma and Grandpa (well...grandpa fell asleep in his chair;) babysat while Daniel and I had our romantic getaway to a local hotel. They had fun, we had fun, we'll do it again soon I hope:)

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Auntie Gin said...

What is that Gramie K is playing with on the floor besides her two gorgeous granddaughters? A book and a yellow car of some type? Getting out her son's old toys again I see!