Monday, November 23, 2009

Much overdue raking DONE!

Our little house was in sore need of a good rakin'. It looked orphaned once again(when we bought it no one had lived in it for years). But this weekend, we had a fun family time raking up the leaves together. Funny thing too when your neighbor (instead of telling you its about time you cleaned that mess up!) asks you to throw your leaves into their yard! They have a beautiful flower garden during nice weather months and they use them to insulate their flowers apparently. Works for us!!

Daddy and his big helper (yes she is wandering away from her job:) And the front of our little house:)

Big helper probably exclaiming "I did it"! after putting one leaf in:)

The one leaf

And one more...

Daddy-you're doing a good job!

Taking the leaf back out-then wandering off to look at a worm (and yelling "it scary me!")

Hard workers!

For the record I was working too-but I took a break to take pictures:) O was asleep in the house:)


maygan said...

awww, what a big helper you have!

Auntie Gin said...

Love the Leaves in fall, don't you? Great Grandma Beth and I are sending the girls a little package to your new little house by the bay, so be looking for it before you head out for the BIG Dinner. Enjoy your Thanksgiving all of you!

Rachael said...

She is SUCH a big helper;)

The side of our house is still covered inches deep with leaves-yikes! Thankfully the huge tree next to our house is pretty bare now.