Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Kid: Almost 9 months!

Okay here is a terribly unflattering picture of my double chin, but I am posting it anyway because it captures my girlie's mischieveous side so well;)

Our "big kid" M.E. will be 9 months next week! I can hardly believe it...time has passed too quickly. Yesterday she pulled herself up to a full standing position (holding on to my chair) by herself for the first time! Daniel and I also heard what could be her first word (the first one that made sense in context and it was the first time she made all the sounds together!): and it went like this "momomomomomoma" while crawling and fussing toward me. She has been saying it to me today, but unfortunatley only when she is frustrated/fussy! I guess that's what mom's are for, to "make it better", whatever it might be;)


Amanda said...

I like your site. If you want to read mine just email me.

Mitchell Family said...

M.E. is SO adorable - can you say DANIEL??? I think it's funny that our girls look like our husbands . . . hmmmm. She looks great, and not at all deprived of food. :) I love reading your blog!

Rachael said...

I think she is starting to look more and more like Daniel too! Her eyes are so much like his when he was a little guy;) And that is so true...your girlie looks so much like your hubby!