Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaning Up After Travels

I love traveling and visiting family and friends, but the aftermath of traveling (especially now with all the baby stuff to unpack and clean!) is bad news. To compound the craziness we are hosting (although we didn't have anyone come yesterday) a 5 day club for kids in the neighborhood mid-day each day this week. So I had a big job on my hands! Here is what our downstairs looked like first thing in the morning.
Living Room:


Here is what our house looked like after MUCH cleaning (although the upstairs still needs some work!)
Living Room:


Now if I could only figure out how to keep it from getting that way and keep it that way after its clean!

Since we are hosting the 5 day club again today (although if no kiddos come, this will be the last attempt) I need to tidy up the downstairs again this morning. Luckily the mess is minimal! On the to-do list for today is baking oatmeal yeast bread, find flights for our trip to North Carolina to do the technical evaluation with Wycliffe/ JAARS for one week (we have decided to go sometime in Sept/Oct.), put away baby's stuff from our trip, and do paperwork (my least favorite thing to do:)

What's on your to-do list today?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Niece! For some reason I found it very comforting to see both your messy AND clean apartment. My family hiked to Holden last week and won't be back till tomorrow. Es left me post-its on the frig and PC to use these while she's gone: zucchini, bell pepper, cilantro, green onion. Any ideas? Miss you!