Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grocery Savings Update

This picture shows Albertson's loot from the Kraft promo a few weeks ago (I spent $7.-- for the above, and received $7 in cataliinas back for my next purchase). I didn't take a picture of my subsequent trips where I got similar things and spent about $3 out of pocket and received another $7 for my next purchase (which I have yet to spend).

This is a Walgreen's trip, where I spent around $15 out of pocket and received $5 catalina for my next purchase. My really great Walgreen's trip isn't pictured, where I spent around $5 for 3 packs of Walgreen's diapers and received a $5 off my next purchase! I found a wonderful cashier by the way, and she gave me some of the highly coveted pharmacy coupons that the pharmacy didn't give me! For the diaper deal, a sale and two different types of Walgreen's coupons were used, plus a register reward deal. I am planning an almost free trip to Wal-Mart later today;)

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