Friday, July 18, 2008

More Wal-Mart Freebies and Cheapies

Last weekend's Wal-Mart trip was long and exhausting. I tried to finish shopping before my munckin woke up (she was sleeping in the carseat on the cart, but not dice. So I did the best deal hunting I could while entertaining a very grabby 9 month old! Luckily she was interested in the trial sized gold bond powder I had gotten, so that helped some.

Here are the freebies/coupon items I got this trip:

· 2 V8 Fusion-(I had wanted to try this and had one $1 off coupon and 1 $2 off coupon so I got 2 for a total of $3)
· Gold Bond Powder, trial sized ($0.97, $1.00 off coupon made it free!)
· Glucerna Snack Shakes ($5.97, $10 off coupon made these free w/overage)
· Johnson's Buddies Soaps (free-used buy any 2 J&J products get $2 off)

· Plantar's Peanuts/Kool-Aid (used $3 off plantar’s coupon when you buy any 3 Kraft products. I did not get overage (the plantar’s were $2.68) so $0.60 for the Kool-Aid

· Kashi Pumkin Granola Bars (I heart these) $2 off coupon, make them $0.57

· Powerade (used $1.00 off coupon, $0.40 overage)

· Personal item (used $2.00 off coupon, total $0.57)

· Sure Deodorant $1.00, used $0.75 coupon, total $0.25

· The rest of it is canned goods, cocoa powder etc. that I needed anyway.

=Total approx $20

Also pictured (behind the Wal-Mart loot) are huge LEGOs I got at a garage sale for my daughter for $1!


Monica said...

Great find on the legos!! They are expensive to purchase retail.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Good stuff! Nowadays everything is expensive so we can use every freebie we can get! Awesome find on the logos for real! Well if you're into music, Motorola is giving away free ringtones on under the "Hotel Cafe" section. Enjoy!