Friday, February 13, 2009

Crockpot Meals: frugally timesaving

Three out of four nights this week (so far!) I've used our crockpot to prepare meals ahead of time. Not only have they been healthy, but have all been under $4 for 4 (or more) servings.

Things I love about the crockpot:

~Avoid the last minute dinnertime rush

~So nice when you're sick or have morning sickness and want to deal with the meal minimally

~Think beyond the traditional hunk o' meat in the crokpot. You can do that too, but some of our favorite crockpot meals are meatless or have very little meat. For example:

Perfect Baked Potatoes (for a potato bar)

Taco Soup (can be made meatless or with very little meat)

~Less processed than other last minute meals (can be quite healthy!)

~You can make them as inexpensive (or not!) as you want to. Think beans, lentils, soups, etc.

~Less mistakes with dinner: the slow cooking allows for a large margin of error with cooking skills! It is rare that any of my crockpot meals turn out poorly.

Leftovers become new with crockpot creativity! For example tomorrow we'll be going to use my Red Robin free burger certificate for lunch, so we'll want a light dinner with easy prep. I'll be putting some leftovers from this week: brown rice, leftover shredded chicken, broccoli, onions, with some broth and throw it in the crock for a healthy chicken and rice soup right before we leave.

For more frugal friday tips, visit Biblical Womanhood!


Family Hope Ministries said...

Your leftover soup sounds so yummy!

Alex Hall said...

I love my crockpot. Actually, mine recently broke and I wanted to cry. Thankfully God provided me with another one via a friend who had an extra one she'd been holding onto for a while. I was so glad to finally get one and have used it twice in the last week. I would have used it more, but I had other meals planned already.

My favorite thing to do is to put meat in it with any kind of dressing or marinade and cook it or 8 hour on low. When it's done, shred the meat and freeze it to use later on in meals. This also helps keep meal prep to a minimum. Last Saturday I put some cheap beef in with the fajita marinade recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook. DELICIOUS! I shredded it and it made the best taco filling ever!

Zoe said...

We LOVE our crock pot! We use it most nights of the week. I plan our meals a month ahead of time and only go to the grocery store once a month from the items on our menu. 95% of the menu uses the crock pot.