Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sickie Survival

Colds are no fun. Sick enough to not want to do anything, but no so miserable that you don't feel like you should be getting things done. That's me today.

My previous ambitious to-do lists are pretty much out the window for today, and here's all I think I'll accomplish today:

1. put away load of diapers
2. fix dinner (teriyaki meatballs over rice...all I have to do is thaw out previously prepared meatballs and cook the rice and broccoli...yay for easy meals and prep work all done!)
3. take a shower and brush my teeth :)
4. care for my energetic toddler girl
5. anything else is bonus;)

Punker loves her huge stuffed bear and taking the garbage out. Here are some pictures of her hauling those two around our apartment...before the sickies hit:)

1 comment:

Erin said...

Feel better! Just about everyone I know is sick right now! Yikes, we shouldn't even leave the house!