Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living the good life: for cheap

I was just thinking today about how our little family really enjoys a comfortable life with many perks with not a huge income. In large part we do so because when I left my job as a School Psychologist a year ago I traded income for time. Now many days I don't have oodles of time on my hands, but I have far more than when I was working. Plus my stress level is way way down. :)

We enjoy and do lots more fun things and free perks than we did when we were both working! I have the time to request freebies, do more research on how to save money on basics, and just the time to think through things that I might have had to quickly decide in the past.

A few extras that make staying home this week fun, not deprived in any way:

Reading: 2 free books from Paperback Swap arrived today (Everyday home repairs and New McDougall Cookbook)

I found out I won a contest I entered at the Bargain Jargon for a Yoplait Gift pack (that makes 2 drawings I've won this month...should I buy a lottery ticket now or something :)

We're going to get fast food (Arby's free Roastburger with drink purchase and a free Quiznos sub) and get a free Redbox movie for a family treat.

Through various websites and offers I've gotten coupons in the mail (and printed off the internet) for free diet dr. pepper, canned tomatoes, gum, and a couple other fun things I can't remember.

I'm sure once our second baby girl is here my time to look and do these things will decrease, but for now... we'll enjoy the perks of time minus income:) Frugal Friday has more ways you can enjoy the good life for cheap:)


Brooke said...

i live near a big university so i frequent the used bookstore! :)

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

The Tacoma Childrens Museum is free every first Friday of the month. I'm not sure where you live though.

Working Mom said...

Don't know if your library has a Friends group - ours does, and they have a number of museum passes for member use. Most get you into places for free or a VERY reduced rate. Another option: we've purchased as holiday gifts a family membership to the zoo, which allows us unlimited access and free admission to zoos all over the country, and our local science museum, which has every-changing exhibits (members get free parking). If they're still too expensive, ask for them as gifts when the holidays roll around!