Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gettin' it in Gear: almost done!

My projects from yesterday are almost done! I finished the laundry (and put it away!), organized the home management area, and even did a few bonus things. Last night and tonight were both crockpot meals (baked potato bar last night and a whole chicken with leftover baked potatoes, carrots, biscuits and salad) so that helped to conserve time for projects.

Here are some pics of my progress:

Chicken/Carrots in the crockpot

Finished: home management area:
My current project-still working on those coupons! Notice my pretty flowers in the background from my hubby:)

What's outside: winter wonderland!
Not pictured: the laundry that's all done and put away! I even got a chance to go through the newborn baby clothes and was blessed in seeing that we are almost ready for our new baby girl to come!

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Lillian Grace Danielle said...

Wow.. I never knew that you could put an entire chicken in the crock pot! I will be trying this soon. :)