Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 2/7/09

My shopping trips for this week were successfully frugal. Unfortunately we had a couple additional trips that weren't really planned: one to the Asian food market next door to the V-day & B-day Japanese restaurant outing and one to Costco to pick up yeast, coffee and a pineapple. So those trips really should come out of the regular grocery budget and totaled almost $24!! But who can resist an excellent deal on curry and sesame oil and the husband who isn't ready to give up good coffee!?:)

Here is my trip to Fred Meyer and Safeway:

Although my receipt has run off, my total was just above $25 for the following:

Fred Meyer:
7 oranges ($0.38/lb!)
1 yellow onion
1 reduced salad $0.99
1 bag mixed veg
1 bag peas
2 4-packs cottonelle tp (used $0.50/2 coupon)
large bunch bananas
Coffee Mate Creamer (reduced to $0.50)
2 containers sour cream (used $0.40 coupon on each)
tomatoes (canned)
turkey hot dogs
Ocean Spray Cranberry juice $1.67 - $1/1 coupon

Safeway (total about $6):
Kraft Cheese (X2) $1.99 -$0.75/1 coupon on each)
2 Poptarts $1 - $1/2 coupon
Potatoes $1.48 10 lbs
Fritos Scoops $1.00

Albertson's (total $3.49):

Danimals Yogurt $0.50 (6 pack) (used $1/1 coupon on package)
Yo Baby Banana Yogurt $0.50 (used $1/1 coupon
2 Hunts Manwich $1.00 total after doubles
Dannon Activa Drink Yogurt Free after doubles
3 Coffee Mate Creamers (used 2 $1.50/1 printable coupons and 1 $0.50 doubled
Kens Ranch Dressing $3.00, used $1/1 coupon doubled
Albertson's Decaff $3.49 (used $3.00 off Albies coffee coupon)

Unfortunately I just noticed only one of my $1.50 creamer coupons scanned! My total should have been $2.00! We'll see if I can get the money back, but either way it was a good run:)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah you bought Pop Tarts too! Everyone seems to buy such healthy food and my trip this week seemed a little embarrassing with so many sweets.

Missy said...

you got some great deals! I enjoyed reading your blog!