Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another 5/$20 coupon from Walgreen's: the Deals and last week's Albies

At first glance this may not seem like a lot of stuff for our initial out of pocket total: $33.--. But the pictures alone (we got 100 4X6 prints) were $15 and everything else (except milk and bacon bits) are FAR items, so our total after the rebates come in will be less than $10! So buy using 2 $5/$20 coupons (1 each for my husband and I) we were able to essentially get the milk and bacon bits free (a last minute filler) and a good discount on the pictures! If I would have been thinking I would have checked for a balance on the WAG giftcard, but I forgot and used debit.

So here's the list of what we got:

Daniel's transaction
100 Pictures $15.00
Calcium Creamies (one can never get enough calcium, right? $5.99 FAR)
Used $5/$20 coupon, total after coupon and tax $17.37
Will receive over $6 in rebates!

Rachael's transaction:
Walgreen's replacement filter ($6.99, but FAR)
Fancy Schmancy Vitamins ($9.99 but FAR)
Milk $2.69
Bacon Bits $1.19
Used $5/$20 coupon, total after coupon and tax $16.89
Will recieve over $17 back in rebates!

Albertson's: I don't have a picture for this, but last week when just picking up a few needed items on sale such as applesauce and brown rice at Albies I notice the brown rice rang up wrong. I asked the checker to double check the price and she confirmed that I was correct and gave me the rice for free! That's $2.00 by asking...yeah! My receipt also printed another survey to get free frenchbread--free is always good;)

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