Sunday, June 15, 2008

Punker's First Hike

Daddy and Punker doing flips for hiking!

Little Hiker was SO excited during the hike. She wanted to touch and talk to everyone and everything on the trail. We forgot our Moby Wrap instruction book and have no baby hiker (or other functional carrier) so we hauled her halfway up the mountain in our arms. She squealed, kicked and bounced the whole way. We didn't make it very far though before our arms gave out:) By the way, does anyone know of any good baby carriers that are comfy and anyone can figure out how to put them on (the moby is great, but it always slips down so I think I do it wrong).

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Sarah said...

What great pictures! We frequently hike, on both the beach and in the mountains, and camp with our little guy so I hope that I can help! When he was little we had a Baby Bjorn (which my husband preferred wearing) and a Sling-style wrap for a long time (until he grew out of it, lengthwise, not weightwise) but we LOVE our newest backpack, a Kelty Journey. We didn't get it until early spring (when he was about one) but I think that as long as they have head control, almost any baby would feel comfortable in it. I wish we had had it earlier (around 6-8 months) It IS a bit more expensive than some, but we did a lot of research and testing before purchasing it and have used it SO MUCH that it has already been well worth the expense (and I feel that we'll have it around for many more little ones! It is super sturdy and still looks brand new though it's been banging around the back of our truck for months!) When comparing the actual construction of it to several other baby backpacks, I was floored by how much easier it is to get him in and out of and it seems much safer in it's construction when putting and keeping him in (some of those that we looked at had an almost swing-like seat contraption that you had to balance him in and then connect the seat with the frame once he was in . . . it's hard to explain but one errant kick or arm flailing that was unexpected would seem to topple it if you weren't expecting it. Not good.)

Frankly, I can use it by myself without feeling it is too cumbersome or heavy (and I'm only 5'4") AND it has storage for diapers, sippy cups, snacks, water for yourself, etc. (some that we looked at didn't) along with zippered pockets along the waist belt for things like keys or phones AND it stands up by itself (which is great if you are hiking by yourself and you need both hands to maneuver your baby in to the seat or if said baby falls asleep on the hike you can take the pack off and sit it on the ground and baby can continue to sleep while you take a break). Highly recommended, we use ours all of the time.

I hope this helps and encourages you to get your little one in the great outdoors more often!