Monday, June 9, 2008

My Two Favorite People in the World and Some Updates

Our little 'Nootie's hemangioma was checked out at Children's Hospital 2 weeks ago. They reassured us that all is well, and that it is acutally started to invollute on its own and should disappear (for the most part) in the next few years. Its already started to turn a little grey in the middle, which they said is a good sign. And its stopped growing already (actually since she was 3 months old it hasn't grown any). When it is no longer red and has "involluted" we can look at having surgery to take the rest of the skin off, which will leave just a small line on her forehead. If we did surgery right now it would most likely leave a larger more noticeable scar.

Looks like we are going to be staying here in the NW for a little longer. We are doing some preliminary applying with Wycliffe's aviation division, JAARS which is our first choice mission organization right now (after New Tribes). We are still open to God's leading elsewhere however, and the process for acceptance into Wycliffe/JAARS will be a long one. The evaluation of Daniel's technical (mechanical) skills won't happen until this summer/fall if we are invited. Two things need to be considered in the meantime: 1) Daniel needs more "fixed wing" (airplane) experience to have a good chance of passing the JAARS evaluation. 2) we need to live somewhere and somehow and would like to stay here if possible in order to retain our current church family (and not uproot ourselves for a potentially short period of time. That brings us to our praise report: Daniel got a job at a company at the nearby airport! Although it doesn't pay loads of money, it is enough to live on if I employ my frugalista skills to the fullest and if we find low-cost insurance for baby and I (Daniel will be covered). Yeah!

So at this point we are looking at staying put for the meantime until we either get accepted to JAARS (the next 4 month orientation would start early next year) or go with another mission organization/training route entirely.


Lisa said...

Have you ever checked out these two different types of 'insurance' coverages? Christian Care Medi-Share I think the site would be or We had the first one and it was fine. Lisa

CC said...

Good to know. The NW is glad to keep you for a little while longer. :)

BTW, used your tips to get 5 12 packs of Coke/Diet Coke, 8 salad dressings, and 4 boxes of Honey Nut cherrios yesterday for $15. :) Basically, all was free but the soda.

T. Brooks said...

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter had a strawberry hem and it completely disappeared without any surgery. You can't even tell where it was now.