Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mommy and the Wee Aviator

Only 3 1/2 work days for me until full time SAHM status returns! Daniel starts his new job at the local airport the following week. Yesterday my boss took all the psychologists out to lunch at Anthony's (ooh la la...very very tasty business!) and we welcomed a new psych intern, congratulated the intern-turned-new-hire, mourned the loss of one of our psych's husband, and they said "goodbye" to me with a very funny pictoral presentation of my career. I wish I had the pics electronically, I cracked up the whole time. I have been blessed with an excellent boss and good co-workers. Although I am super excited to be a SAHM, I probably had the best experience I could have asked for working where I did.

Right now we are waiting on the first phase of application with Wycliffe (JAARS)to be complete, where they review Daniel's mechanical experience and decide whether to invite us to the maintenance evaluation in the fall. So we will be here at least that long, longer if we do not go with Wycliffe.

We are thinking of going hiking this afternoon and we are going to see Chronicles of Narnia for Father's day (with our Flicks For Free movie tickets!) weekend!

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