Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Miss E's first Picnic at the Park

We are blessed to live just blocks away from a beautiful park on the water. When the weather is nice, its gorgeous. This weekend we packed an impromtu dinner of egg salad sandwiches, fruit, and Kool-Aid in Miss E's (another nickname) stroller along with a big sheet and headed to the park. It was fun times. Unfortunately I am still a terrible photographer, but you get the idea;)

I love grass!

Well, maybe grass is a little weird.

Daniel looking pensive.

Mommy and the Little Missy enjoying the great outdoors.


AllyJo said...

Sweet. I love grass too. It's a lovely shade of green there. Daniel has nice bone structure. His girls are so pretty. She's GROWING!

I forgot to tell you thank you for the interesting email. It was very thoughtful and I liked the scriptures you used. I'm a little of both. I see both sides. I think God calls that "double minded" but I can't help it. I always see both sides. I'm more of a freewiller, but you can't help but see how people are chosen. It's a very difficult debate.

CC said...

How cool that you live so close to a park!! My kids HATED the feeling of grass (and sand!) when they were about that age....