Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Health and Frugality = A Good Team

Why do I think Good Health and Frugality go so well together? As I was thinking about my day today I realized again what a perfect match good overall health and frugal living can make. Eating simple, nutritious foods and choosing to walk (or in my case being a one-car family) everywhere are huge steps in the right direction towards two goals/passions I have for my family and myself.

It is easiest to jump in the car for short trips to the store, the ferry, the post office etc. because it takes less time (usually) and less planning than to go on foot. But the benefits of fresh air and exercise far outweigh the inconvenience of walking most of the time. This next week I will be testing this theory over and over (and for a long time to come) as Daniel has started his new job and will have the car all day. I am within 2 miles of the nearest grocery store and within one mile of the nearest post office, park and library. We'll have to see how much I am able to get done while Daniel is at work without the car, but I should be able to do most everything that really needs to get done in that time.

Simple nutritious foods are ideal for our situation for many reasons. When there is less to fuss over I don't have to worry about messing up our meal! Not only that but using less ingredients and ones that are typically on hand saves many last minute car trips for that forgotten ingredient. Simple meals are often cheaper as well. Soup and bread, baked potatoes with chili, brown rice with vegetables and tofu/chicken are quick, nutritous and naturally cost less than meals that are based around meats or have a variety of unique ingredients. I just received a book from called the McDougall Program that bases meals around simple ingredients such as potatoes/rice/beans and veggies/fruits. I am intrigued and will let you know what I think!

Above is our version of a delicious, fruity smoothie, kinda like the one Crystal talks about at Frugal Friday.

Practically, we've been growing in both of these areas as a family lately. The walking aspect has been forced a bit (being a one car family--by choice) but we are also taking walks to the park as a family almost every night now (hubby works closer to home) since weather is nice. The food aspect is a bit more complex --we are working slowly toward incorporating more fruits and veggies. I just wish they weren't so expensive around here! We generally have at least carrots, onions and lettuce in the fridge and some frozen mixed veggies or peas in the freezer, but that can get boring. I am hoping to find a cheaper source this summer in addition to continuing to shop for "loss leaders" at our local grocery stores. We generally keep bananas and applesauce on hand, along with whatever fruit is cheap(er) at the moment. I would do the farmer's market, but ours is a bust. Everything is WAY overpriced and the selection is not so good. Any suggestions


Lynn said...

I can't walk to any place I need to go. We live out in the country, it is at least 15 miles to the nearest store/post office/bank. But with the price of gas I am combining trips much more than I used to. I think the price of fruit and veg. are high everyway. It is hard to get good quality for a good price. Thanks for sharing.

BarbaraLee said...

I love to walk. We live in the country too. But I walk for excrise it is a matter of getting into a routine again. I combined as many trips as I can. We have two vechiles but they are paid for :-) At times I wish I had a little red wagon the nearest town is 4 miles but the prices are high. We go w/o until the next trip into town.

Audra Krell said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your journey and encourage you to keep up the great work. You are really being very intentional about making a difference in your life and in the world. Thanks for sharing.