Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hiking Mt. Pilchuck

Because our time in the NW may be short (God-willing and dependent upon our acceptance into a mission org.), we are trying to make the most of the natural beauty surrounding us. We decided to make the trek to what is arguably one of the most beautiful hikes in WA, Mt. Pilchuck. It was about 3 miles up and 3 miles back, and took us about 5 hours total. The view was awesome.

A side benefit to hiking for 5 hours (almost) straight was that I got to eat like Michael Phelps for the day-whoohoo! Nursing and hiking make for a good amount of calories burned, which I certainly didn't mind;)

M was such a trooper! She loved seeing the nature and especially all the dogs other hikers brought with them. The last picture is a testimony to how worn out she was on the way down. She passed out cold while nursing and we couldn't wake her up for several minutes:) All in all, a fun day. I survived, but I realized that I need to step up my fitness level, 30 or so minutes of stroller walking every day isn't quite enough to keep up with my hubby on this sort of a trek.

Adventure girls at the top. We had to crawl/climb on our hands/feet to get to the tower. It was a bit treacherous (especially with a baby in tow:)

Views from the top of Mt. Pilchuck.

Snow! One of the gorgeous views from the tippy-top.

At the top, looking in to the fire-lookout.

You can see Daniel and M if you look hard. This was a super rocky trail.

It was can see the snow in the background.

Worn out baby.

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Michele said...

We really need to get out and do more hiking, too. We've kind of slacked off on it, since the little one was born. Your hike looks so fun! :)

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