Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week in Beans: Day 2

I'm a little behind in posting our week in beans, so I am going to use some old pics. But this is indeed what we ate for dinner on Monday night. We used Pioneer Woman's Pinto Bean Recipe again, but used one package of dried beans and halved the pepper. We also omitted any meat, making this a nice vegan meal. We used this delicious recipe for cornbread, and used whole wheat flour. I love sweet cornbread though, so if you like less sweet cornbread, feel free to try the recipe on Pioneer Woman's website. Tonight I made black eyed peas for the first time, and in the crockpot at that. They turned out all right, but I think I should use a real recipe next time;) It was fantastic to come home to dinner already made though, so I can't knock that! Last night we had a southwest salad, and I will post pics of that soon. It was really good and easy (and healthy!).

It was fun to do beans all week while my mom was here since she is a vegetarian for the most part. And no, we aren't sick of beans yet! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your "beans" series. I love to cook and bake, but (this is embarrassing) I really, honestly never thought much about cooking BEANS until about a year ago. I use them in Mexican food, but that's about it. I've never in my life eaten a meal of beans and cornbread! I will have to try that when it gets cooler out. Sounds like comfort food to me!