Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walgreen's $5/$20 coupon deals (7/31/08)

We ended up with the following for $17.85, but will get a little over $12 back on a Walgreen's gift card.

12 roll Angel Soft TP ($4.99 store coupon)
Dates $1 (reg price)
Figs $1 (reg price)
Large Bobby Pins (to use with this hairstyle $1.99)
Olive Oil Conditioner Free After Rebate $5.98)
Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner (Free After Rebate $5.98)

I had a totally different idea of what I would get with this coupon, but they were out of everything! I also did not have my coupon binder with me (should have brought it anyway!) because one of the things I though I was going to get was an ink refill, but they ended up not being able to do it that day.

All in all in worked out okay since the things I bought were things we just needed or would be free after rebate.


Rachel said...

lovely blog! nice to meet you!!!

Cali Angel said...

awesome buys, but ALWAYS take the coupon binder!


Rachael said...

Cali Angel: Isn't that the truth!? It never fails that when I forget to take it I need it;)