Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camera Questions

Since Works for Me Wednesday is BackWards Edition, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to get some advice on our camera quandry. My first question is: can this camera be saved?! It is an Olympus Camedia digital C-5050 ZOOM and has had a continually increasing problem with thinking its card cover is open. It beeps and won't allow us to take pictures after each picture taken(for a few seconds). It started out doing that every so often, but now does it every picture. It helps a little when we hold down the card cover (which is not in fact open!) but even doing that doesn't fix it. Often the camera will go through the motion of taking a picture (often several in a row) and even show the pic on the screen, but when you go back and look, it is gone. Any ideas what can be done for this confused camera? Also, it has these problems even with different memory cards.

Image from Olympus Archives

My second question is for if the camera is beyond saving: what camera do you recommend? We would be looking in the under $200 range, and are looking for something that is straightforward to use (don't need lots of bells and whistles), good quality and where to find great deals! Any ideas?!?

Thanks in advance!


Kirstin said...

I don't know much about cameras, but for new ones, try costco or Sams club. They usually have great deals and their return policies are awesome. Sorry I can't help with the other question. I like Minolta or Nikon Cameras

Gillie said...

It sounds like something is wrong with the switch connection inside the camera door. It may be an easy fix if you can find someone careful and mechanically minded. You might try a local camera shop and see if they know what to do about it.

Rachael said...

Thanks for the ideas Gillie and Kirstin! Keep em' coming! I'd love to know what camera you have (if its one that you'd recommend!)

Christa said...

I'm not sure about your current camera, but we have a Nikon D50 and it is awesome! It's super versatile and easy to use, but you can do a lot of complicated things with it if you want... Beware, though, they're pricey.

Kara S. said...

Have you contacted the camera manufacturer about the problem? My 3 yr old digital camera started having problems after taking thousands and thousands of photos - the pictures had weird lines in them and the colors were strange. I called the manufacturer (Canon) and turns out that it was actually a defect. The problem only shows up later in the camera's life. Because it was a manufacturing defect, they paid the shipping to and from the factory. Then instead of fixing my camera, they sent me a newer model - one that would've cost me $500+ to go out and buy. So before you have someone look at the camera, definitely call the manufacturer.

As far as a brand for a new one, definitely Canon. Obviously their customer service is great, but so are their cameras. Canon uses "steady shot" technology on all their cameras (other manufacturers use it on the $1000+ cameras). Basically it means that it is 99% impossible to take a blurry photo once you focus the camera. The steady shot compensates for the slight shake in your hands or movements of the vehicle or whatever.

When I purchased my original Canon and then later when I thought I'd have to get a replacement, I used the website... ... He reviews almost all of the cameras on the market, tells you pros and cons, compares to similar cameras, gives list prices etc. A great resource!