Thursday, September 25, 2008

Safeway Deals will be up later...

Our baby girl had surgery this morning to unclog her tear ducts. It went fine, she is just super tired (she is napping now) and was pretty confused afterward! We are both worn out from getting up and to surgery by 6am this morning, so I will do Safeway deals research a little later today:) In the meantime, check out Coldstone Creamery for free icecream today (5-8pm)!

My snacking has gotten stranger and stranger this week...yesterday I had pigs in a blanket for a morning snack and today I had a half a boca burger with all the fixins'. In other family news, we leave for Indiana in a little over a week! We are so excited!

M took over 10 steps in a row yesterday! Her other new tricks include sliding down the stairs backwards at lightening speed and copying some baby signs when she looks are the bedtime baby signs book. Such a fun age! Below are pictures of my little chef:)

This is so tasty!

All done cookin' mom!

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