Monday, September 15, 2008

Minimizing Monday: Toy update!

Last Week at Handprints on the Wall, it was actually clean out the bookshelf week, but I ended up cleaning up our little girl's toy stash. The funny thing was that Kendra actually had clean out the toy box scheduled for this week! Since last week I mentioned that the hardest part is not going back and grabbing everything out of the give-away pile after its there for awhile, I needed to get rid of it quickly!

Well, an update--I actually got rid of most of it! I had the car on Friday and I put one box of misc. stuff in the car and took it to the Goodwill, and then took two full bags of baby stuff/toys to the Crisis Pregnancy Center! It is so nice to have less of an overflowing closet!

Even so, I have a long to-do list today of normal household stuff since we spent most of the weekend working on filling out paperwork for a new health insurance plan and working on our Wycliffe mission application.

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CC said...

Darn you making me feel bad for blogging all evening instead of cleaning! ;)