Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Weekend at the Cabin: Part 1

Some wonderful church friends let us use their cabin this weekend while my parents were in town. It was far more "rustic" than our typical "camping" and that's exactly what we were excited about. We cooked on a grill and woodstove, used lots of candlelight, and spent the whole time pretty much technology-free. We all agreed that the time spent at the cabin was both fun and relaxing.

My dad and I decided to get some exercise and work off all the good food we ate for lunch (salmon, veggie/potato packets, and cheese garlic biscuits) by going on a walk. Admittedly, neither of us is great with directions. We had an excellent plan though--we would only take lefts, and eventually we'd make a circle around the tiny lake we were staying on. Good plan in theory, but well...2 1/2 hours of brisk walking later (and close to 8 miles) we finally drug ourselves back to the cabin. Did we ever get good exercise!:)

cooking like a pioneer woman
the lake the cabin sits on
dad, ready to brave the wild open waters:)
dad and daniel, trying to canoe
they finally got out and decided on a bigger boat

This dock is right out our front door.

M impressed her grandparents with her standing up skillz.
M checking out the wood box
Just hangin' out with dad, wearing her early bday sweater.

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Matthew and Darcy said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! :) How are you woman?!?! We need to catch up!! What is your phone number?? You can send it to me via email -
I want to chat with you about you, your baby and missions!! :) Yeah I am excited!! :) tehe