Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walgreen's and the Flu of Death is Over!

Whatever I had yesterday was the 24 hour variety, which is happy because I need to do me some shopping today! I have the car today (dropped Daniel off at work) so I can go to two Walgreen's on the way to the dr.!

You may not have heard why you should be excited, but there are a TON of great deals at Walgreen's this week and they just issued at $10/$40 coupon good Friday and Saturday.

Here is what I will be buying (provided they are well stocked:):

~Dove Chocolate bars Sale 2/$3 use $1/2 coupon from ESR book and 1 dove manu coupons=$1.00
~Maxwell House Decaff (2/$7) use $0.75/1 coupon =2.75
~Coffee Mate Creamer (2/$3) will use 2$1.00 manu coupons =$1.00
~Smart Balance Spreadable Butter 2/$3 buy 2, use $1.00/2 coupon =$2.00
~Chex Mix =$0.99 (1) coupon for $0.60 = $0.40
~Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber (3) 11.37-7.50 coupons =3.87
~Shout (2) 2.49=4.98-2.00 coupons =2.98
~Fantastik (2) 2.49=4.98-2.00coupons=2.98 (the 7 cleaning products=$10 RR)
~South Beach Living Bars 2/$5, will buy 6 =$15 - $8 coupons =$7 (request rebate for $5when you buy $15 in Kraft products!)
~I will also be using these as my Kraft products to use my AllYou coupon to get free dressing, Crystal light or Beef Hot Dogs!=Free
~Robitusson (3) $3.99 each -$3 coupons (there are no longer $3, just $1, so that's what I am using X 3) = 8.97 (will receive $10 RR for this)
Raisins $1.99
Votive Candles (6/$1 with IVC) =$1.00
Excedrin $3.99 (use $2.00 off coupons) $1.99 (FAR this month $3.99 rebate!)
Loreal Hair Color ???price?? Using $2.00 IVC and $2.00 manufacture coupon (1)??

Without the Hair Color (which I don't know the final price) my total is $37.93. I am sure the hair color will be more than the $3.00 I need to make it to $40:)!

After using $10/$40 coupon my total will be a little over $30.00+tax
I will receive $20 in RR + 8.99 in rebates for Excedrin and South Beach Bars!

Daniel and I will go back tonight and he will be using another $10/$40 so we can get the $100 prepaid card for our new emergency cell. After the RR and $10, it will only be $70 for a year's worth of minutes!

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Ethiopianmomma said...

Hey thanks for the Walgreens post. I found you off of MSM and and going to Walgreens to wheel some deals tonight! Cute blog design by the way. I had to click on your link because, well, our family we LOVE beans and rice! MMMM...just thinking about it makes me hungry!